Find Your Calling



    On the 3rd of April 2021, I was invited by SpeakRight Consultancy to be a part of Find Your Calling, a program for youth via Zoom.


    It was an honour for me to be able to share my views on life with the younger generation. It was indeed heartening to see other speakers having the same aim of making a difference in the life of others. I wish I had gone through a similar program in my youth.

   During the first session in the morning, I spoke on the topic, "When An Explosion Knocks You Down". I was grateful to have Hasan Al-Akraa, a Syrian refugee in Malaysia to share his story with us during the second half of the topic. Since young, he has gone through so much in life. His strength and determination in helping others are truly admirable. The link to his TEDX talk: Bombs to Books


   In the afternoon, it was a forum style of setting. I was invited to speak together with others from different fields. Youth were free to ask any relevant questions to us. From the reply given by others, I can feel they truly care and were thoughtful before answering the questions.

   Teenagers are our future; it is important that we support and help them to cultivate the right mindset and attitude to overcome challenges in life.  

Website: Rising From The Ashes  



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