5 minutes, 5 Easy Ways = Better English

Just 5 minutes to improve

Tips for improving your level of English. That’s what today’s piece is about.

It all came about during a session with an inspiring group of working adults in, what I would call a "prestigious" body in KL.

I shared some of the tips that I had successfully used over the years with students. At the end of it all, there was one request to have them written out. It shows how serious he is in improving himself, and I do admire him for it.

The better your level of English when you communicate with customers, the better the impression you leave on them. So, here are five simple tips that just needs an investment of five minutes per activity. Good luck!

1. Write for five minutes each day
Write on any topic that you like. It could be about what you did yesterday, your plans for the weekend, the colour blue, your ambitions, etc.

The sentences do not have to be perfect. The whole paragraph does not have to flow well. This is just a practice session to let the words flow onto the page. You can worry about grammar later.

2. Read for five minutes each day
Read a storybook / newspaper / magazine, etc.
Look up the meanings of a few new words. Guess the meanings of all the other words that you do not know – this is called predicting and you should practise it.

3. Note five new words and phrases.
Jot down new words and phrases that you find.
Write them down using lots of coloured pens or draw pictures to show what they mean. If you have the time, paste pictures next to the words. Have fun because that’s the best way to learn language.

4. Copy for five minutes
Writers and copywriters are advised to do this. They take an article or advertisement that they like and copy it out by hand. This way, they can easily remember the words and sentence structure used easily. Pick something that’s useful for yourself.

5. Speak in English for five minutes
When we first start on a new language, some friends or colleagues may not be very encouraging. Ignore them.
Instead, make it a point to speak for at least five minutes in English every single day.

The more you speak, the quicker you will become at forming sentences and you will also find it easier to pronounce words that you once found difficult.

If you can think of more easy ways that just take five minutes to do, let me know!


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