Rural Champion Moms Unite 2010

Singing, dancing, clapping, cheering, good food and above all inspiring stories made a terrific event celebrating rural moms.

Moms from all parts of Malaysia were nominated for the RURAL CHAMPION MOMS UNITE 2010 and the winners represented many different cultural groups all with one common aim: to make Malaysia a better place for the less fortunate.

The winners represented the many dedicated and inspiring moms who give not only to their families but also to their communities.

A snapshot of all the hardworking mom winners is here. Women with 8 children, who still had time to give to their community, women with very little education yet helping others to learn, highly educated women giving their time freely not only in Malaysia but also in less well developed countries such as Cambodia, women keeping crafts and cultures alive, women who trekked through deep almost impenetrable jungle to reach long houses and promote literacy and education.

Wow! Their stories were breathtaking.

When I heard the stories of these amazing moms, I realised that they really were special people, but I was also glad that I did not have to be on the judging panel to choose the winners.
I loved every minute I spent talking to the winners, sharing their pleasure, and hearing first hand about their work.

Thanks to eHomemakers for organising such a great event and to Nestle and many other sponsors who made it such a special day and a particular thanks to all these wonderful women who give so much to Malaysia. You can read all the stories of the winners here.

Author: Margaret Rickmann

Winners of Rural Champion Moms Unite 2010

1st Prize Winner - Raini Mapura
2nd Prize Winner - Maria William Peter
3rd Prize Winner - Anihar Ishak

Consolation Prize Winners (in no particular ranking order)
Gendoi Samah Seman
Lapu Sakai
Malina Soning
Regina Bruno
Rusnita Ngah
Dr. Lee Lee Loh Ludher
Selvarani Nadesan


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