Send Out Vibrant Energy Over The Phone

Some first-time conversations over the phone leave you feeling happy and upbeat, whilst others make you cringe. Which experience would you like your customers to have?

A few weeks ago, I had tried out for a voiceover (my first time ever!)

Whilst I put the huge headphones on, the technician moved a stand aside so that they could see my face clearly. That particular script needed a lot of emotion in it.

Whatever I felt as I read the short script would be reflected on my face. Which in turn, could be heard in my voice. The truth that we sometimes forget is that our voices can easily convey happiness, irritation, joy, hope, nervousness and more.

Half the time we are not even aware of how much our voices are telling the world about our emotions.

What does this mean for you as a businessperson?

It means that no matter how you feel deep down inside, you’ve got to pretend to be happy, energetic and excited when you speak over the phone (unless it’s a negative situation).

On a bad day, say when you are overwhelmed with bills, you need to hide the frowns and chase away the feelings of depression that hangs over you. Instead when the phone rings, be prepared to:

· Sit up straight & think of energy flowing through every one of your cells
· Put a big cheerful smile on your face
· Be ready to help the other person on the line

This is the first step towards communicating your enthusiasm and interest in doing business.

Try it now. It is such a simple method that allows you to be seen as a businessperson who is energetic, vibrant and upbeat. Put your acting hat on each time your phone rings.


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