Turning Small Profits Into Large Ones

Is it worthwhile spending your time with a customer who isn’t going to buy much from you? Is how you communicate with this small customer important?


We all know it but small business owners still break this golden rule, resulting in a loss of repeat customers who may bring in big business.

Here’s an example. Caught in an unexpected situation, I had to buy a new handphone. Since I only needed something very basic it automatically meant a lower end model that did not cost much.

At the first outlet, the owner looked disgusted when I told him what I was looking for. I fled from his sneering arrogant attitude.

The young “punk” seated at the next outlet made my heart sink. I should have remembered not to judge a book by its cover. He turned out to be a load of surprises.

Politely, the young lad me relevant models. Patiently, he explained the features of the different handphones. I was impressed.

Along the way, he did politely inquire why I didn’t go for a higher end model. But he never pushed it or mocked my choice. The young “punk” was always respectful and helpful.

The more welldressed gentleman in the first outlet could have taken lessons from him. He had clearly demonstrated how you communicate and deal with your customers.

By taking the time to listen to my needs and see that they were all met, he had won over a new customer. I will go back there and, another point to note is that I will recommend his outlet to others.

A cheap product with a low profit margin can be turned into a high profit margin – in the long run. Just remember that:

· Every customer matters.
· A small deal can turn into a big one tomorrow.
· So, spend time communicating politely to ALL customers.


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