Ready Aim Fire!

Hi guys 

       How's everybody? Hope you guys are busying pursuing your dreams :)

       Anyway, following up on the thread below "The Key To Success", I would just like to add that I fully agree with Sheau Ching in that Action Speaks Louder than words. 

       Let's take Sam (fictitious and for purpose of this example) for example. Sam has been talking about his Project A (he dreams of starting a cooking school as he is passionate about cooking) for 10 years. He doesn't take action to pursue his Project A.

       Instead, he just talks about it and whines that he can't pursue it because he has no money. Can Sam succeed? Of course not! Not even on his passion when passion is just mixed with a dream. He needs to take action and start work on his Project A. He needs to start taking steps no matter how small to work towards fulfilling this dream of his. 
       How can Sam do this? He needs to stop talking and whining and just GET ON WITH his Project A. How much time has he already wasted TALKING AND WHINING? If he has no money, he can consider getting financing or round up a few potential investors to pitch his idea to them.

       Even if this does not succeed, at least he would have tried to make his Project A a reality. It is important to understand that an idea (no matter how brilliant) will always be an idea if one does not act on it. What's so good about an idea anyway if it does not serve a purpose it was meant to serve in the first place? 

       So please, if you have an idea, take action today! Ready. Aim. Fire! 



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