Have You Forgotten To Have Fun Recently?

To most people, I am more of a serious person than a fun person. I spend more time cleaning the house, doing work, running errands than having fun. To most people, these are hardly fun activities. 

       These days, I hardly have weekends away from the computer doing work. I think I have genuinely forgotten how to have fun? And that is pretty contradictory to my advice in my blog post below on stressing less? 


       I am having more fun than ever in my life doing the most mundane (to most people anyway) things. 

       When I clean the house, I see it as exercise for the day and working off the unwanted calories. I see it as beneficial for my health and well being. 

       When I do work, I do it with passion and excitement. I work long hours but I love the thrill of satisfaction. 

       When I run errands, I do that in between meeting friends I have not met up with for a long time. Or I choose to run errands together with my husband. So I get to hang out with him as I am checking off my list of errands. 

       What I am trying to get at is: make your own definitions on life. Have your own rules. Don't need to always listen in entirety to other people's "noise" and what they think is right or wrong, good or bad, fun or not fun.
       You may choose to listen but tweak it in accordance with your own rules. If you work on pleasing everyone, you will not please anyone. So just please yourself for now.

       You will then start having fun. Doing even what most people deem as mundane affairs. 

       Play by your own rules, today. 



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