Seeing Hearts

The moon, stars and clouds accompanied our usual night walks. Occasionally we get to see neighbours walking on the streets. There would be a few who walked their dogs.  A couple always brisked walking at night. When they see us, they would say hello with a wave of their hands. Patrick would respond with an enthusiastic "hi!".

I would point out the trees, bushes and flowers on the side of the road to Patrick.  I would take this opportunity to teach him what they are. He would sometimes observed with interest. Occasionally he wished to touch them.

Mother and son walking on the streets 

On the night of 8 December 2019, something else accompanied us. Something different.

"What is that?"

My finger pointed on the road. On a wet patch on the road. Earlier it had rained. 

Patrick's eyes stared steadily.


   Patrick identifying Heart on the road.

Before that Heart shape on the ground, I was pondering on the earlier discussion with a few friends. We were discussing on a project which I considered being love based. In seconds, suddenly I saw "that" on the road. I paused. I wondered am I seeing what I want to see. Then I asked Patrick what was that. His answer confirmed with me that we both see the same thing.

Along the way, I thought to myself. It can be a mere coincidence. Unless I saw another Heart on the road. With that thought, in seconds I saw the second one. Once more I paused and asked Patrick what was that. Again, he said, "Heart."

Although it happened again, seeing two "hearts" can still be a coincidence, I argued with myself. Unless it happened the third time. 

And then it did.

Three Hearts on the road in one night

Patrick confirmed with me he was seeing a heart shape on the road for the third time. I always find young children are purer in thoughts and emotions. They see things as they are. If they dislike the food, they will say yucky. If they like it, they will respond with a yummy. Patrick even insisted with me that the lady next to daddy in the photo was "Auntie", not mummy. ( My face had full make-up on with nicely set hairdo. That photo was taken during my registration of marriage with my husband)

With the three "Hearts" seen together with Patrick, it may appear that the project I had the earlier discussion with may be of future positive possibilities. Let's see what happens next afterwards.

It was truly an unusual walk for mother and son. For Love accompanied us on our walks last night. Especially of each other's love; Patrick and of mine.


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