Ehomemakers Community Cooking Class

     The class we had today was pretty fun. The moment one student realized that she had to peel the onion skin and clean the fish, she looked startled.

     Apparently, she had never cleaned a fish before and not planning to do so. She never cooked a meal but because she's getting married in a few months time, she felt like it's time to learn some kitchen skills.

      Realizing that look on her face, I quickly reassured her we'll be able to do it in a breeze. With a little frown on her face, she made her way towards the kitchen table.

      The other student had a new resolution to fulfill - preparing home-cooked meals, at least once a day - because she finally realized that eating out is such a costly and unhealthy. So now she plans to have healthy, frugal cooking and living. I hope she will.

      We cooked 3 dishes - ikan asam pedas, ayam masak merah, Chinese mustard in oyster sauce. The desserts - fluffy pudding in custard sauce and 4 types of muffins. The results? What seemed impossible to them turned out to be tasty and scrumptious dishes for a beginner. 

Frying the ingredients till fragrant.

Working together to cook the final dish.

Baking colourful muffins.

Clockwise : A happy student with her masterpieces: pudding in a glass, muffins, Chinese mustard in oyster sauce, Asam pedas in 'belanga' (claypot) and  Spicy chilli chicken.


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