Healing Through Nature

Just recently, I was thinking of what I can do with all the pictures I have taken of my garden through my mobiIe phone. 

Life has a strange way of giving inspiration at the right time. It so happened I was reading a book on writing poetry. One of the suggestions given is to look at a picture and write something about it. Thus, that started my journey of composing my thoughts and short motivational quotes to accompany the photos.

Personally, I feel nature has helped in my rejuvenation and healing process.

As a burn survivor, I remember being cooped up for a long time at the burn ward, recovering slowly from burns. Indeed a depressing time.

Sitting on a wheelchair for the first time, my sister informed me of a small patch of garden near the hospital. I was excited as she wheeled me out from the burn ward. 

Breathing the warm fresh air and looking at the greenery, they gave me hope that one day I could walk and visit a bigger natural surrounding. 

I constantly worried about the condition of my skin; fragile and breaking down with wounds and pus. What if I could never go to the outdoors anymore?

“You can do anything you want when you are well again,” my sister assured me.

She was right, I managed to heal and walk again. My most painful and difficult journey. 


I was talking to other burn survivors online and they agreed that natural greenery can be therapeutic. In the USA, there is a treatment called Horticultural Therapy whereby greenhouse is a part of the program for healing. This is a great idea, hopefully one day, we can initiate it in Malaysia.


  1. Keep going ! Still much to see and do. Maybe you want to start doing terrariums again 🤔

    1. Are you my sister who is spying on me? Please identify yourself XD


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