Introducing Nature To Patrick

We had tried introducing Patrick to grass. His initial response was - a wide-eyed NOOOO with a facial expression that appeared to say What was that?! 

Nowadays, his visits to the neighbourhood park have been with joy and happiness. His attitude to grass sometimes with acceptance. Sometimes with rejection. 

We would introduce him to trees, flowers, dogs, cats among others. He could not pronounce dogs and cats. He would mimic their woof woof and "mei mei". He could not pronounce meow. 

Whenever Patrick notice the dogs and cats, his face would light up with fascination while trying to communicate with them in their language. There were times I noticed the dogs and cats looked baffled at what Patrick trying to converse with them. 

I wanted to introduce to Patrick butterflies. It is among my favourite encounters with nature. I loved its different colours especially their interaction with me if I am lucky enough to experience it. 

My initial encounters with butterflies.

I always have a special connection with it ever since I meditated almost ten years ago. Since I started using meditation as a technique to relaxation and to de-stress, my heart for nature suddenly opened up and blossomed. I used to find them boring. Today, I would love observing nature and sometimes I would be lucky enough to capture them in motion.

Photo of snail mama and its child. Photo taken by my mobile.

Photo of snail appearing to take a kiss of a flower. Lucky shot by my mobile

Photo of a red dragonfly. Taken by my mobile.

I hope Patrick would have a magical experience with butterflies and more of nature's animal kingdom as well. 

Recently I introduced a butterfly to Patrick. It was Patrick who alerted me to its presence by saying, "dirty". Luckily I took a closer look before Patrick decided to pick it up with his fingers. 

I mistakenly assumed it was a moth by wrongly identified its thorax shape. I only realised my mistake after I Googled it in order to find out its actual name. 

Video of myself relocating a palm dart butterfly onto a leaf.

palm dart butterfly onto the leaf

This is me with the palm dart butterfly

I end my post with a butterfly poem:
Blooming into a butterfly,
Going to see how high is the sky,
The world appeared not what it seems,
Sometimes leaving behind grins.
Scenery bursting with differing colours,
Yellow brick road becoming smoother.
Oh my, oh my....what would be the end result,
Does it matter at all so long one can fly.

© Cordelia Lee


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