Making A Video For Phoenix Society

About a month ago, a representative from the Phoenix Society, a non profit organisation based in the USA, contacted me through email. It is the largest organisation for burn survivors in the world, dedicated to empower anyone affected by a burn injury.

They kindly requested whether I would like to share my story and whether I could make a video of my experiences with the Phoenix Society.

At first, I hesitated as I would have to share my photos to the public and I have never recorded a video of myself for public viewing before. However, my initial feeling of discomfort vanished after I decided to share my experiences. If my assistance could help the Phoenix Society to expand further and help more burn survivors around the world, it would be for a good cause that is worth doing.

They gave me a series of questions and also a general guideline for the video. The content was totally up to me. The video was later edited by them.

The link to the blog:-

           The link to the video:-
           My video

           I am glad that I was able to help out. In my opinion, it is important to share with other burn survivors out there that there is hope and life after the burn. That they are not alone in facing their challenges.


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