Please Help Save Patrick

UPDATE: As of 23/5/2019 at 9.30pm, the full amount of RM140,000.00 have been achieved. Those who have spread our videos, sending prayers, good wishes, donations among others... I wish to thank you for your efforts. I am very grateful and very thankful. Thank you. Thank you.

HOC's Facebook page has highlighted the targeted amount been achieved in this link.

Finally, the time has come - fundraising. We are thankful one charity organisation named H.O.C. took up our case to help us raise funds for Patrick's liver surgery. The targeted amount is RM140,000.00.

Above is the video of us as a family, myself, my husband and Patrick

We received news from the fundraiser representative of the recent amount collected as of today. We copy and paste what the fundraiser had updated in HOC Facebook page as follows:-

Fundraising date: 21/05/19 (Tuesday)
 Needs payment: RM140,000.00
 As of: 23/05/19 (11.30am)

 Raised: RM 85,717.00

 Little Patrick urgently needs 140K surgery to go to Shanghai Renji Hospital for liver transplant surgery.
 Little Patrick will fly to Shanghai in mid-June, hoping that his uncle and aunt will help him, and he will appeal to his relatives and friends to donate money and get fundraising as soon as possible.

Those who wish to contribute to save Patrick's life, please send your donations to the following account:-

CIMB 8008072195
Persatuan H.O.C. Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur (H.O.C - 慈善之心 on FB)

Contact person: Ms Yee +60-18-2718849

I admit I am amazed by the number of responses in prayers, donations, encouragements, advice among others from people I know and do not know ever since we made the request for donations. There were moments tears come to me as I felt very touched. There are those who apologise for the amount they donated. 

My reply would be please don't. No amount is small to save Patrick's life. In fact, I am very appreciative and grateful to friends and strangers willing to contribute no matter the amount.

I am very thankful and grateful to all who came forward, to spare your time, money even efforts. 

Patrick, stay strong, stay brave... you can overcome your biggest challenge with the help of many uncles and aunties. 

Please pray for Patrick. 

Patrick flexing his arm, saying "I can do it! I will
overcome my challenges! I will fight to overcome this!"


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