Keep On Talking To People

"Keep on talking to people."

This advice was accompanied with kindly eyes and a sympathetic face.

Before this advice was given, we order fried vegetarian rice as our dinner from this advisor. He was a cook at a shop. 

When we finished our meal, my husband signal him it was time to pay the bill.

After my husband paid him, the cook glanced at our son.

Both my husband and the cook exchanged our family
stories especially when came to health challenges.

"May I know what's wrong with him?"

My husband explained.

Instead of leaving the table, the cook stared a few second longer at our son. He looked as if he was deciding whether to stay or leave. He decided to stay.

He sat next to my husband and shared his story.

"I have three children. The middle child is a son. He was the only child that caused us to be worried the most. He was born prematurely at 7 months old. He needed to be in the hospital for almost 60 days. When he was discharged, he was a very small baby at almost 1.6kg. Because of his premature birth, he has two holes in the heart."

I was surprised by his personal sharing. I felt sympathetic to this man's family challenge. 

"The doctor prepared us that my son would have a lot of health complications. We were worried. We did not know what to do. We kept talking to people. Kept asking for help. Until one day during our quest, my wife met a wealthy man who suddenly offered expensive nutritious supplements that we could not afford. He gave expensive ginseng as well for our son. Because of this, my son's two holes in the heart disappeared. Today my son is in Form One."

He paused, looked to my husband and then to me.

"Keep talking to people. You may never know who would come forward to help you. There are good people out there. Keep on talking to people."

His eyes went to Patrick's face. This cook's face looked he can be a hard person, yet his eyes were of softer quality upon Patrick.

"It is normal to worry but try not to over-worry."

Simple words of advice from a simple man.

"Your son will be fine. Keep on talking to other people. Don't stop."

I felt very touched he took up to 15 minutes of his time to share his personal challenges, to encourage us. His strong belief that people are generally good.

Before we parted, he wished us well on our planning for Patrick's liver transplant.

It has been challenging and stressful to make the arrangements. To have such encounters gives me hope. 

At the end of this written article, I glanced upon my sleeping son's face.

Softly I said to him, "we are blessed, Patrick. We shall overcome this."

We shall overcome this challenge, Patrick!


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