Patrick's Empathy Part 2

We were in the waiting lounge, waiting for my husband to collect Patrick's medication. There were times I would entertain Patrick with stories or just play with his hands. There were times he wanted to explore on his own. 

The waiting lounge has some long seats for the visitors. Some seats were positioned back to back. Patrick decided to crawl along the seat. I observed him sideways, to ensure he did not fall off while doing so.

To my surprise, he crawled towards the end of the seat and pulled himself up. He tip toed a little to the lady who sat behind the seat. He stared at her back for a moment. Suddenly, he placed his hand on the back of her shoulder.

"Patrick! Don't touch the lady!"

I quickly went over and apologised to the lady. Her face showed surprise when she saw who touched her briefly. She smiled to Patrick, then to me. She assured me it was not a problem. It was alright for Patrick to touch her. 

I gazed upon her face. She looked like a lady in her 60s. 

She inquired of Patrick's wellbeing when she noticed of his jaundiced face. After a while, she shared of her worries for her daughter. Her daughter was in labour for more than 24 hours in the hospital. She was concerned for the safety of her daughter.

The lady's worried face over her daughter

I assured her that her daughter shall be alright. 

My husband returned with the medication and we said our goodbyes to the lady. 

I turned to Patrick in surprise. Was he trying to comfort her? There were other people yet he only crawled towards her. It was the first time he touched someone's shoulder. 

Patrick, you may be very young yet your empathy level is high. You are surprising me more and more, Patrick. 

Patrick's hand of loving care


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