Blood Test Results

I saw the notification of Prof Ng's email. I quickly checked for the blood test results; I was in two emotions like last week; happy and in a worried state at the same time.  

A week ago, the blood test results revealed bilirubin levels at 215 ( his jaundice a big drop from 275 levels of November 2018 reading) and INR was at 5.7. The unusual high levels of INR was a concern because it may be a sign of liver damage. 

Today's reading revealed bilirubin at 295 ( what?!!) and INR at 1.3, which is still not within the normal range yet. The normal range would be at 1.1. That meant it was a deficiency of vitamin K after all. However, his jaundice went up a big leap. It was also the highest level of bilirubin reading until today.

If you could see my face now. 

speechless at the blood test results
Prof Ng did not mention in his email to start preparing for a liver transplant yet. So, Patrick is still under observations. His assessment when a baby/toddler should go for a liver transplant would be dependent upon abnormal bilirubin and INR reading. 

Prof Ng educated us based upon previous babies cases, cases where they must go for a liver transplant was based upon a few factors. Their level of bilirubin was very high ( one baby was above 500 in bilirubin reading). Their quality of life has been affected (loss of appetite, very fussy, fatigue, ascites among others) and they were starting to lose weight although they were on special milk formula. To Prof Ng's observations, Patrick has been slowly and steadily gaining weight. In fact, his weight, his height and head circumference has reached to a normal range for his age group. (Finally! We have been waiting for this day for a long time.)

Prior to last week's blood test, Patrick's stools colours was starting to be under the normal range, identified as pigmented. 

Colour of the stools within normal colour range
Colour stools chart
However, we noticed his stools were starting to look pale again a few days before his last week's medical appointment on 2 January 2019. No more of the darker coloured stools as before until today.

Pale yellow coloured stools
Prior to January 2 appointment, Patrick appeared to be getting less active. I did notice his eyes appear to look more tired than his usual sparkly eyes. He was crawling lesser and refuse to climb up the staircase.  After he had the vitamin K injection, his activeness returned. His talkativeness level and crawling appear to be back to normal. Based upon observations, likely would be indicative of vitamin K deficiency. However, it would be better to confirm by the blood test than by speculation. 

My husband and myself would analyse on possible reasons why the different levels of jaundice in one week.

The decision for a liver transplant to be postpone again. 


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