You Can Do It!

His lips quivered while he judged the height difference between the kitchen and the dining hall floors. The kitchen floor level was approximately 2.5 inches lower than the dining hall floor. 

Patrick's eyes looked uncertain while he made a frustrated sound at me. I was sitting on the dining hall floor, gesturing him to come near me. He was on all fours on the kitchen floor. Then he positioned his two hands onto the dining hall floor while the half of his body on the kitchen floor. He raised one leg in the air, uncertain on how to position his leg to the other side. Then his leg came down. He sat up, stared at me with a protesting whine.

"Don't give up, Patrick. You can do it."

I have been trying to empower him with positive songs.

Song Title: Never give in
Written and sung by me

He placed himself on all fours again. Patrick tried to make another attempt. His body language was saying, "I can't". Again, he sat down with a protesting cry. He gestured his hands to me, asking me to carry him.

"Patrick, don't give up so soon. You can do it. You must keep trying. No matter what difficulty you face in life, you must not give up. You can do it. Try, Patrick!"

By then, my husband sat next to me. Both of us kept on encouraging him to keep on trying.

Patrick looked at both of us. 

Then he positioned his body again on all fours. Although he still has this lacking in confidence demeanour, he felt encouraged to make another attempt.

He positioned his two hands first onto the dining hall floor. His raised leg in an attempt to go over to the dining hall floor. His leg was hanging in mid air for up to two seconds. Then down his leg went, onto the other side. His entire body finally moved to the dining hall floor.

He sat up with a sunbeam smile. We hugged him and acknowledged his courage.

Since then, he lost his fear of climbing over the difference between the floor heights.

I wish to encourage him to have a non-quitter mentality in face of adversities. For his disease will come with challenges. 

I believe in you, Patrick.  You can overcome anything. You can do it!

Come what may, Patrick is ready for you!


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