Encouraging Words

That one month hospital stay changed myself and Patrick forever. He became more sociable and enjoys engaging with people when he feels safe to do so. He became more animated and talkative as well. 

For me, I observed the silent strength of mothers in taking care of their babies with special care needs. I do not hear them complain of the situation they were in. Expression of worries and fears were shared but not of why did it happen to them. In fact, I could observe they made the best of the circumstances for their babies even though it can be at their expense i.e. sleepless nights, worrying whether the treatment would work for their babies, worry whether their symptoms would develop into something worse in accordance to the medical literature they have read or prepared by the doctors.

mothers and babies overcoming challenges together
I am able to empathise on their state of their mind and emotions; I hope I can do something to encourage them in their circumstances. I specially noted how the mothers smiled and of a happy body language when I gave their babies a hand-sewn doll. 

I decided on occasion I would do just that; to bring a little cheer, a little smile and a little encouragement to help them feel better. A doll for the young ones, a note of encouragement to their mothers.

My original idea was a written note of encouragement until one day I came across this service provided by Ann Usha. Her business involved motivational gifts. I remembered her post in one mothers' group in Facebook where she highlighted a client of hers who bought magnets as gifts of encouragement for cancer patients.

I decided to approach Ann on her service. What lies behind her business is not just business making but a passion in spreading love and encouragement. 

I asked her what inspired her to start a business on motivational gifts.

She shared:

"I was a person of low self confidence through my teenage years.  For a very long time ( I ) was like this till I got involved (in) church and became a praise and worship leader. From there I got myself confidence and with the negativity I see in the world and working with children, I told myself nobody must feel small of themselves ever and be like me. Thus the birth of motivational quotes to help lift anyone."

"Now I tear when I see anyone with low self confidence. Been there. Don't want anyone to walk that path."

"...what further motivated and gave me an extra boost of confidence is my work at Caring Moms group. How I observe each mom inspire and motivate the other...how my passion and work for motivational quotes brought smiles..that's priceless."

I felt touched by her motivation. Sometimes I see some who would tell me grand ideas of success of themselves, of climbing corporate ladders, earning a million by a certain age. I remembered one who declared to me he would earn this amount of money and he would own a helicopter one day. It was a lot of me, me, me. 

I hardly hear of those who start a business because of wanting to make a difference. Sometimes I do hear of those who claimed to want to make a difference yet when observe closely they are doing it to make themselves feel good and for self glory. 

My husband have collected the magnets from her yesterday. The quality looked good. I was impressed Ann managed to get them ready earlier by a day or so. 

Motivational magnets ordered from Ann Usha
I hope the mothers of the ward would like them. For their babies, I see how many dolls I can stitch. I hope by my small gesture can help liven up their stay and ease off their discomfort temporarily. Everyone needs love, encouragement and support. Even me. I will always remember when I needed such, there were a few who step up and supported me in my vulnerability. I shall pass forward this torch of Light and Love. I hope Ann's business would continue to touch many hearts. 


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