Bleeding Again

During updating Patrick's status to a friend of mine today, Patrick called out from the bed. I looked up to his dancing eyes and smiling face. This would usually put me in smiles. Instead, I watched his face more closely than usual.

Much earlier this morning, closer to 2am, his vomit was mixed with blood. He was down with flu and cough since late last week. Earlier this week since Monday, the past couple of nights had been trying to us both. He woke up a few times coughing that caused him to vomit out his milk. For my readers who have not been aware, every night his nasogastric tube attached to a machine that pumped in milk throughout the night. I do this upon the doctor's advice to assist him to gain weight. HIs running nose irritated Patrick when its mucus dripped onto his upper lip. His body temperature did not appear to reach 37.5C and beyond. He has been active, as per his normal self except during the night he appeared to be more fussy than usual. He also appeared to want me to carry him more than usual. 

At first I assumed yesterday he appeared to be recovering from his illness. He has been coughing lesser. His runny nose appeared lesser. Until his first cough during the day yesterday had slight streaks of blood mixed with his vomit. That had happened months ago. When I showed such and seek the doctor's consultation, his advice to us was to observe if there were any further changes. That these streaks of blood likely Patrick bruise his esophagus. 

Patrick's vomit mixed with streaks of blood.

Mucus from his nostril mixed with fresh blood

The stained cotton bud to clean his nostrils from mucus and blood gave rise to concern. Because with each wipe, always blood accompanied. 

By 1am onwards, my body would want to shut down and sleep. However, this usually proved to be challenging when Patrick yet to sleep. Although it was almost 2am this morning ( 2 May 2019),  my tiredness disappeared when I saw THAT. I felt every part of my body was ringing alarm bells. A shout to my husband followed because my first thought was to admit him to hospital for observation. It was the first time I saw his vomit had that much of blood. 

First time I see much more blood mixture with his vomit.

Today (2 May 2019)  since I woke up , I have been observing Patrick. Whether any bloody episodes again. So far, his mucus in his nose no more blood. He has yet to vomit due to his cough today.

I am trying to remain observant and alert without being paranoid and overthinking of his position. 

It is clear a few possible scenarios as follows:-

1) A bruised throat/esophagus that caused bleeding temporarily.

3) His liver condition has somehow worsened that manifested the bleeding episode which likely link to number 2 factor. 

If by tonight, no more bleeding episodes, I would leave it at that.

If becomes worsened, by tonight or tomorrow admit Patrick to hospital. 

Please pray for us.

Thank You.


  1. Dear Cordy, I will pray for P recovery..God bless our little angel Boy.

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers. Recently seen the doctor on Patrick's medical appointment. Will write an article on it soon. Thank you for your encouragement and support.


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