Thankfulness And Gratitude

We could not believe how fast the funds came in after we uploaded our video appealing for funds to Patrick's liver transplant surgery fees. 

I admitted that money was one big worry for without it, the surgery would not proceed. Once HOC set up the appeal on our behalf, I prayed. I prayed hard to God. 

Suddenly a thought came. A video of us as a family, making a plea to friends, family and public. To save Patrick by donating to his surgery fees.

So, we quickly set it into motion on 22 May 2019. 

I could not imagine the responses came beyond Malaysia - Australia, Singapore and more. From people whom I had not talked to for a few years, willingly came forward to donate, send a kind word, prayers and spread the video to their friends. 

Before we go forward to the public, another worry I had was my mother. She has anxiety over Patrick. There were times I had to calm her down, assure her everything shall be fine when I admit I do not actually know whether it is so. I don't wish for my mum to have sleepless nights over Patrick. 

Once the post appealing for donations was published, this made my mother realised how serious it was for Patrick to have this surgery. She admitted on 22 May 2019 night, she could not sleep much. She kept telling me, to pray hard. Pray hard to God. To save Patrick's life. For the money to come in soon. 

When the targeted funds was achieved on 23 May 2019 at 9.30pm, my mom have a heart to heart talk with me as follows:-

Conversation I had with my mother on 23 May 2019 night

Tonight we made a video to thank everyone for their efforts and contribution in saving Patrick's life:-

Patrick also wish to convey his thanks to you.


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