It is SAFE to consume Bario cinnamon

Chong Sheau Ching
Aug 6, 2018

Buying from the source

Just like in any highly priced organic products, the market is full of products that “claim” they are from the original sources!!  One such product is the famed Bario rice which is also grown in Peninsular Malaysia! And not under organic conditions. But the packages are labeled 'Bario rice' as if they come from Bario directly. And it is sold in organic shops!

Elderly women are the main growers of Bario rice in Bario. Since 2014, university youths from Peninsular under Project Whee! have been helping to make farming 'sexy' again!! Hopefully, more youths will return to helm agro-tourism and agro-enterpreneurship.

Similarly, some organic shops sell very short cinnamon sticks that look like the Ceylon variety. But they are labeled as “Bario organic cinnamon” and are very expensive.  It is impossible because Bario Cassia cinnamon sticks are thicker, longer than the small ones you find in the shops!!

eHomemakers is on the way to set-up a mobile app-ECHO2U – whereby farmers from Bario can be the merchants to directly sell their own products by flashing messages  of product delivery to buyers in the app.

By buying directly from the Bario farmers, you are assured of the real Bario cinnamon from the Borneo rainforests, harvested in a sustainable manner.

Bario cinnamon is definitely much more organic and REAL than any cultivated cinnamon which is tainted with chemical fertilizers and pesticides!

Find out more about Bario cinnamon 
The Cassia Cinnamon Scare

You  are helping the Bario communities towards more self-reliance


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