The Dream

          A myriad of strange looking colourful patterns were above me. There were many beautiful colours that I was unfamiliar with. All this while, a light melodious song was being played in the background.  I have never beholden such a sight or hear such a tune before.  I was floating on air feeling free.

 Suddenly, a loud voice spoke to me, "Come on, come on, take your responsibility!".

            Jolted out of my dreamy state, a sudden realisation hit me, "What am I doing? I need to find my bed", I told myself.

            Lowering myself slowly, I felt like a spider suspended above the ceiling swinging on a big web.  As I slide down the web, the music sounded heavier and louder, akin to heavy metal or hard rock. Faces and images of famous dead people, appeared to me, many of whom I couldn’t recognise.  However, there were two faces that somewhat resembled Napoleon Bonaparte and Beethoven. I felt fascinated yet annoyed as this slew of images appeared to be slowing down my journey.

                 I began to slide and swing even lower and saw an unoccupied bed in the middle of the room.  “That must be my bed, I need to get there”, I spoke to myself. 

          With much effort in hovering and positioning myself, finally, I was above my bed.   Slowly lowering myself, I could feel myself falling down.  A gentle "thud" was heard and felt as I lay down on the bed. The webs that were holding me, grew thinner and slowly left one by one disappearing into thin air.

          From that moment onwards, I became more conscious of my surroundings in the ICU. My body felt uncomfortably heavy and immobile. My throat felt dry and uncomfortable.

         Do you believe in God? At that moment, I really believed in His existence. I believed that the voice that I heard was the voice of God. Calling and reminding me to live my life.


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