Adopt the Philosophy of Serving

Not many people get involved in social service. Often, when parents get involved in charitable work, their children too, follow suit. When a whole family is busy in serving others, they have much to offer and they also become an example to others. Moreover, by remaining busy in caring and sharing, we have fewer waste thoughts and our minds stay calm and peaceful. We are also unlikely to get involved in matters that do not concern us.

We get a lot out of life when we serve others. Active life means serving and growing. How can we know that we are truly serving others? When we serve others there is instant satisfaction and growth in life and those who are served also feel happy.

By using our talents, virtues and abilities to serve, there is contentment. Together with that, our virtues and powers also grow, which we can further use for society. Through this, we get the blessings, good wishes and the support of others. We grow spiritually and material. We become prosperous. When we serve others we understand their difficulties. And so, our own difficulties become insignificant in the midst of the sufferings of others.

Extracted from 'Self Empowerment' by Bridget Menezes (Malaysian author)


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