Sense of Belonging

We tend to pay more attention to the voices around us that to the one inside. We tend to think that knowledge comes from external sources, when, in fact, it comes from within. This is wisdom. It is only when we know and accept our inner selves that our actions can be filled with the qualities of true leadership.

Good leaders are adept at building deep and loyal relationships based on mutual respect and trust. In the workplace, they create a strong sense of family among their employees. Such a bond can be strengthened through hard times as well as good times. Kind gestures, words of thanks, encouragement and acts of recognition have profound impact on others. “Kind words are quick and easy to speak but their echoes are endless” said Mother Teresa.

Love helps one go beyond ego and access one’s inner resources in a natural way. When one can be open to give and receive love in an uncomplicated way, it helps us to move towards excellence in our lives.

By clearly understanding oneself and operating from a place of inner strength, we can create understanding and address true issues and concerns.

Extracted from 'Self Empowerment' by Bridget Menezes (Malaysian author)


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