Humility Is Acceptance

Humility enables us to inculcate all necessary qualities and to come close to everyone easily. Humility creates co-operation and unity because it allows us to recognise and appreciate the qualities of everyone.

Lack of humility retards progress in life, because where there is ego there cannot be insight.

When we are critical, we lose the power to see specialties. If we keep on looking at the flaws of others, our mind becomes distorted. Humility is letting go, knowing the weaknesses of others, one still accepts everyone realising that we too are not perfect. Instead of being critical, we should look for something that is praise-worthy.

Is someone dislikes a person and makes unkind comments, we should learn to pull back our thoughts and concentrate on something we can praise. Initially, they may feel offended but eventually they will appreciate our positivity. This can only happen when we are humble. Let us do our best in the present time and allow the future to take care of itself.

Extracted from 'Self Empowerment' by Bridget Menezes (Malaysian author)


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