Tolerance – To Keep Negative Forces at Bay

Tolerance, based on goodwill, understanding and adjustment to a difficult situation can succeed where all other methods have failed.

Intolerance comes from hurt ego, unfulfilled selfish motives or narrow-mindedness.

Tolerance easily comes when a person realises that is a multi-racial and multi-cultural universe, we have to exist like flowers of different hues and designs.

Can anyone calculate or imagine how many families lost their peace and harmony and how many civilisations were ruined because of intolerance? If only this virtue, called tolerance, had been sustained, all or many other virtues would have survived. For, when tolerance is lost, man loses his patience, self-control and spirit of non-violence.

Tolerance is an inner power. It is the power to control the self, to keep at bay at the negative forces of hatred and anger. If a person or a nation has tolerance, it is powerful because it is the weak who are afraid or who cannot adjust to others or who cannot see that diversity and differences also have their place in life.

Extracted from 'Self Empowerment' by Bridget Menezes (Malaysian author)


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