The Club Med Experience

Family Nature Fun, Club Med's two-month-long event in June and July 2015 at its first eco-nature resort in Cherating, Malaysia. In conjunction with its campaign to promote nature, arts, and wellness, eHomemakers was invited to the resort to teach tourists how to weave baskets out of magazine papers.
For one month, a team of 4 people were successively sent up to Cherating for eight days at a time and were required to host a weaving class for 2 hours a day.  Rolls for tourists were made before Club Med days so that they could learn to weave. Each ecobasket needs  approximately 120 rolls.
My teamRhonwyn, Daniel, Rui Ci and myself,  was the 3rd team to be sent up to Club Med. We were surprised by the good turnout of tourists to our sessions.  We got to meet people of all ages from all over the world and had interesting conversations with them while weaving.
Team 3, with Rhonwyn behind the camera. The sight of us weaving catches the attention of tourists; a great way to get them to join us!
(Left to Right: Rui Ci, Shu Anne, Daniel) 
Daniel helping a Korean tourist with her basket
We told them about our EnWeave project and the importance of up-cycling. It was so heart-warming to know that people from completely different backgrounds shared their support for our cause. It doesn't matter where you come from, it is always important to take care of our environment and to help those in need. Not only did we promote upcycling of unwanted materials and awareness on green-living, we also got closer to our goal of making 3000 baskets for the Malaysian Book of Records.

After our 2 hour sessions each day, we were free to partake in the many other activities held there. I managed to try out most of their activities including sailing, kayaking, archery, trapeze and the tree top obstacle course. Without a doubt, my favourite experience would be the flying trapeze. To be honest I was terrified on my first try. But the staff facilitating the activity were very encouraging and gave us tips to improve. On my second try, I successfully did a Knee Hang! The rush of adrenaline was addictive and I returned the next day to practice it again.
Trapeze sessions for the adults were from 4.00pm-5.30pm. From up there, I was always too focused on not falling to appreciate the view. I guess nothing is the same when seen from a different perspective.

I also had a first try at kayaking. I realised how team work and coordination was important to move in the direction you wanted -something to take back and be applied to everyday life. I also realised how little upper body strength I had.  Club Med had given me motivation to work on my fitness!

On another note, the main thing I would like to commend Club Med is their staff. Not once did I see a single staff who didn't smile or offer their assistance with enthusiasm. I really cannot imagine where they get their energy from. They are what sets Club Med apart from other leisure sites. In no other resort can you find staff who are as warm and friendly as the staff in Club Med. In addition to working their shifts in the day, they also joined the guests for all meals and the nightly parties where we would all dance and drink together. Striking up a conversation was always interesting because of how diverse everyone there was.

I also enjoyed how close to nature the resort was. On one side was the beach and on the other, a well preserved forest. Once in a while, we would catch a glimpse of a colourful bird or a monitor lizard. Although the monkeys can be intimidating at times, you're safe as long as you're not carrying food.
All in all, I enjoyed my stay immensely. I can see how it is the perfect holiday escape for family and friends alike.
Breathtaking view from the entry point of the Jungle Trail

Thanks for having us Club Med! I hope to return soon! :)


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