Of New Experiences and New Friends

Team 2 at Club Med

At first glance, weaving a basket seems fairly simple. Looking back at the first time I learnt how to weave a basket, I’m embarrassed to say, but it was a total catastrophe. I remember going through a whole whirlwind of emotions “I am so not good with craft, why am I doing this?” Nevertheless, I got through what seemed like an impossible task at that time.Amazingly, I was rewarded after.

Teaching some very keen learners

Learning to weave is one thing. Teaching however, is a whole different ball game. Sometimes it was a challenge. Other times, it was like hopping from one country to another (being able to meet people of so many different nationalities), With each person I taught, I developed a new appreciation toward the ladies in our project who worked so hard to make a living. 

Spending the day with some gorgeous GO's on their day off

                                                                        My experience at ClubMed was definitely one to remember. I was greeted by very friendly and hospitable staff (also known as GO’s). Their participation in my experience didn’t just stop there! Throughout my 9 days at Cherating, I had the opportunity to get to know many down to earth GO’s who always went out of their way to make my stay there more memorable. They would stay up chatting away with me after a long day or work, always making sure I had a drink at hand.  There are many aspects of ClubMed that I would miss, the GO's make 90 % of it.

With my teamates, having a blast at the foam party

I came to ClubMed with the expectation of chilling in a comfortable bed every other day after a morning of weaving. That was certainly not the case! Each day was jam packed with new and fun activities.On top of that, an exciting new themed party every night. Not to mention an awesome dance off complete with some crazy signs! Every day was an adventure, filled with plenty of laughter and smiles. ClubMed Cherating, I am  very sure I will be back soon!

Jedida Ravindran


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