WOW Moments from Club Med

Though the whole experience at Club Med was great, there were two occasions that I will not forget, in a looooong time. Let's call them the Suit & Tie Incident and the Unexpected Friend.

The Suit & Tie Incident

Just as I was about to leave home for Club Med, I got a text from Daniel (part of our EnWeave training group already in Club Med) saying they’ve organised for a ‘Special’ Fine Dining for that night’s dinner and I had to wear a suit and tie.

For any other person, dressing up isn’t such a big deal, but I despise dressing up. For me putting on shoes with the usual shorts and slippers might as well be formal wear. :p But I thought since my friends had taken the time to organise something special, I suppose dressing up isn't that bad. So I packed my suit and drove off to Club Med.

Later that night I dressed in full formal complete with dress shoes, coat and tie. I didn’t like it but thought, it's not that bad. But when I got to the resort's lobby, I stuck out like a formal sore thumb among the super-chilled crowd in casual attire. Some were practically in beach wear! So I sat awkwardly waiting for the rest of my group to arrive pretending not to notice everyone in the lobby glancing over at the weirdo in formal wear at a beach resort! After about 5 minutes or so, my friends arrived, dressed so casually and laughed their heads off at the way I dressed, and it struck me, I've been punked. xD We laughed it off and took photographs for a good 15 minutes as seeing me so well dressed is apparently, a rare occasion. I then relaxed in my uptight attire and we were off to a very pleasant dinner.

The Unexpected Friend

The highlight of the trip for me would be an unlikely new friend I made while on weaving duty. On my fourth day of teaching in the eco-baskets workshop, a little boy named Josh joined our class and had a blast. This 9 year old is a very cute and curious kid. He asked a lot of interesting questions, so I decided to take the time to make a small basket with him, even though it took up the entire session. After we finished the basket, his mom came over and explained that Josh has a slight learning disability, so the fact that he took the time to sit there and learn to make a basket with me was great. I'm very happy I took the time to connect with this kid because he's really an amazing guy.

What's really interesting is that he came back the next day and the day after as well. Whenever he joined us, he just walked around to help us out, asked questions, cracked jokes or talked to us about his dog Justin.

Josh and I joking over weaving a basket.

A basket Josh and I made. He said he wanted to bring it to school to show his teachers.

Overall, it's seen been an amazing trip to Club Med Cherating with the EnWeave Community. Absolutely no regrets taking up the opportunity, and I hope for more in the future. Though, I’ll be more skeptical when people tell me to dress up from now on!

Devraj Sathivelu


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