Appreciate The Value Of Each One

As we move towards the 21st Century, time is telling us to look more closely at each day and the gifts it brings of people, events, and experiences. Some people may have been with us nearly all of our lives and others may not be newcomers that we meet only once. How much do we appreciate the value and life of each one?

Each year, if not today, brings many different experiences, some pleasant and others perhaps not so welcome but am I able to see what it is that has brought me the good experiences and what I can learn from the others?

To catch the spirit of the time, we must make the most of each minute that ticks by, make the most of everything we do and of each person that we are with. Let there be purpose and lightness in each action so that there is beauty and meaning in the dance of life. Let us give something from the heart to each person around us so that our hearts may meet in stillness and joy – if only for one second. And let me give my heart to God so that it may be deeply filled with compassion for all and the clarity to understand life’s puzzles.

Extracted from 'Self Empowerment' by Bridget Menezes (Malaysian author)


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