Aim to Realize Your Vision

You will not mind leaving your old house when you have a new house to go to. A high vision will lead to enthusiasm for change and intense personal effort. Isn’t it true that when you really want to do something, nothing can stop you? Here are some pointers:
  •  Develop a strong, clear, personal vision.
  • Understand the values that underpin the vision.
  • Identify the major barrier that is standing in the way of that vision.
  • Recognise specific actions that enable you to address that barrier and live the vision.
  • A plan doesn’t need to be rigid. It is liked designing a building. Would you like to start without a plan? No. But we also know that plans evolve and change. It is good to be open to each moment and evolve your plan accordingly to the needs.

Extracted from 'Self Empowerment' by Bridget Menezes (Malaysian author)


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