Day Of Discharge

17 July 2018

Each time I walked pass the room, the lady noticed me and smile. I responded the same. Today, the last day of my stay. I decided to go beyond a smile.

This time, I walked into her room. Our eyes met, our smiles to each other. Her baby in an incubator.

"Hi. I always hear your baby crying. Is she ok?"

With sad eyes, she replied, "Likely because she is hungry. She is fasting."

This was the NEC baby which I learned earlier from a nurse.

Before I introduced myself to her, there were days I kept hearing this voice which appeared to sound these words  "there,there, there, there..." whenever the baby cried. It can be day. It can be night time, even during sleeping hours. 

To me, this represented how loving was that mother to her NEC afflicted baby
We shared our babies' health condition.

I shared that whenever I hear her baby's cry, I can feel her baby's pain and suffering

"As mothers, we feel other babies' pain as well. Not just our own."

Before we parted, she said prayers for my son's well-being. I offered the same for her baby too.

As I returned to my room, I reflected. There were so many strong mothers. Courageous even. To face the reality of a sickly child is not easy. The sleepless nights. Mental and emotional exhaustion. Faces sometimes revealed the state of physical exhaustion. Despite that, a gentle smile of a strong mother always rises, like the sun at dawn. 

Some part of me wanted to give a tribute to these mothers. Sometimes I did, with words of encouragement and acknowledgement for what they have done. I feel I should do more. I shall know later what to be done. For now, Patrick is my focus.

Patrick, Patrick... you are my life, my focus!


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