Patrick's Empathy

26 December 2018

We had a doctor's appointment to do echocardiogram on Patrick's heart. It is a diagnostic cardio ultrasound. Once he realised we were in the hospital again, Patrick became slightly nervous. He would sometimes fidget more in anticipation of a medical procedure to be done on him once more.

Whenever we follow up on Patrick's medical appointments, we usually assured him it would not be painful nor a scary medical procedure. That it was because he over-think which made it a scary experience.  If he need to take a blood test on that day, we tell him the Truth - that there would be pain but it would be a short pain. 

We were requested to sit in the waiting lounge while we waited for Patrick's name to be called. We tried to distract him by playing with him. We allowed him to stand and lean against our bodies while his eyes would move around the room.

There were some patients waiting in the lounge as well. Many of them looked unhappy and even jaded. Only Patrick was the smiling patient. On the other hand, he did not realise what was to come. 


I heard Patrick's trademark welcoming greeting.

I looked up to see him raising his hand to one direction. He was leaning against my husband's shoulder at that time. 

"Hiiiiiiiiiii" with a raised hand in greeting once more.

This time I got curious. I looked at the direction where his hand gestured to.

It was to this man below.

This photo was taken by my mobile phone. At the waiting lounge.
Patrick wanted to cheer this man up by saying "hiiiiiii"
There were other waiting patients in the lounge. Only he did that continuous posture. Other patients did not attract Patrick. Only this man.

Was Patrick trying to cheer him up? How did he know that man needed that? By observing his body language? Patrick has not seen such body language before. We did not do that in front of him. How could Patrick tell he needed empathy?

So young an age and already know how to give love. I am growing more surprised by you, Patrick. You are reminding me to love more. Not just to you. To the surrounding people who needed love.

Our hearts can have others in our love and care. Like how
Patrick offered his care to the stranger above.


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