Singing Lady Of The Ward

27 June 2018

I met up with Priya (the new mother in my last article) along the hospital corridor. It appeared that she would be discharged sooner, which was today with her new-born daughter.  Priya's mother happened to be there as well. 

I noticed Priya excitedly shared with her mother concerning me in the Indian language. How do I know? Their eyes glanced my way a few times while in conversation.

With a beaming smile, her mother turned to me. She shared her daughter was searching for the past few days for the "singing lady". She thanked me as Priya was not feeling happy due to her daughter having jaundice. My singing uplifted her. If not mistaken, she used the word, "depression" to describe the emotional state of Priya.

She said that I have a good heart. That I have consideration for others. Honestly, I admitted that my motivation was to make my son happy. I did not expect that there were other recipients as well.

As a result of my action, Priya's mother shared to me that she sent many blessings for my son. She continued talking to me about doing  good. About God.

Priya's mother said that because I did good for others, Patrick will be receiving many blessings from many others.

To me, this photo represent baby receiving many blessings.
Then she mentioned a line in the Indian language. A term she explained, a general prayer for me. That in Hindu homes and temples, these words would be there.

"Inbame sulgha, ellarum valge."

Which translated into "let happiness prevail and all live in happiness."

I was touched by her gesture, thanking her for her blessings and wishes. She shared that she is spiritual, and have read many spiritual books for self exploration. I shared that I am spiritual as well. That I temporarily stopped my work to taking care of my son.

I shared that my singing was not normal singing. It is to increase positivity for the listeners. It can have a healing effect emotionally and sometimes physically. We parted with smiles in our hearts. Although our encounters was brief, it changed us both from hereon.

For I unknowingly lifted the spirits of a worried mother, and it was the first time that I sang of blessings for a new-born baby besides my own. I had assumed that the hospital stay would be boring. To my surprise, it opened my Heart even more.

My heart blossoming more and more because of Patrick


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