If Looks Could Kill....

6 July 2018

If looks could kill, I am seeing it now.  It was not directed at me, thankfully.

"How dare he! How dare he!"

Earlier my son finished his medical procedure whereby the doctor extracted his blood in order to test his jaundice level and more.

As I just entered my room, the cleaning lady burst right in. Eyes blazing. Body tensed like a rock. If she was a sleeping volcano earlier, the volcano has erupted big time now.

Represent the cleaning lady's explosive temper
"You saw me, right? You saw me.."

Temporarily confused, I looked at her. Before I asked for a clarification, her ranting continued.

"He said I did not do my work since morning! I was in your room, cleaning hard! Did you not see me?"

Holding my son in my arms, I nodded.

"Why is he making such accusations? He is always like this. I do my work. Honest work here!"

She went on for awhile. Her veins on her neck were bulging.

"Who is he?", I inquired.

"My supervisor! Why must he make false accusations!"

As she continued, I looked closely at her face. It was filled with unhappiness, even hatred. For the injustices that she felt should not have happen.

When she stopped complaining, to take deeper breaths, I spoke to her.

"Don't let this fester in your heart. It is not good. Only cause you sleepless nights. You have a family at home? You will bring this unhappiness back home too. Best to leave this at work."

Her face no longer as tensed as she continued to listen.

"I know it's unfair to be accused of something you did not do. I know what that feels like. I experienced similarly. Those with bad mouths, God will know. God knows you have done your work. God knows. Let it go. Don't keep it in your heart. Pray to God."

This time her eyes had this surprising look. I guess she did not expect me to mention God.

"Let time be the Truth. Eventually people will know that your supervisor's accusations is not true."

Her face reflecting upon my words. All of a sudden, her face darkened again.

This was her angry and unhappy face she shown to me on that day.
"I will quit this job! Not worth it. No one scolded me the way the supervisor did! Not even my own dad. I quit! I should!"

To that, I responded with "Your choice. Maybe when you leave, others will be your replacement. They will know of your good work. Please...don't keep this inside your Heart. It's not worth it, ok?"

Immediately, my son made a baby sound. She smiled to my son.

"See? My son telling you to let go too."

The cleaning lady's eyes soften upon my son's gaze.

"What's your name, makcik?"

"Call me Norzila*"

Before she left, I reminded her not to keep to her Heart of the unhappiness at work.

This cleaning lady usually comes in daily. With smiles especially to my son. This is the first time I have seen her reacted in such a manner.

If hatred is too long in our hearts, it will only make us lose part of our Humanity. I have been there myself. I have learned to let go and accept what cannot be changed. That yes, life can be unfair. Yet focusing on that would be a never-ending stream of unhappiness. I hope she finds her peace.

*fictional name being used. To cover the identity of the person.

I wish for the cleaning lady to find peace in her heart.


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