Weeping Hearts

It's 4am, 13 July 2018.

I woke up earlier due to my son's discomfort. With my rocking, he finally melted in my arms with bliss.

In the silence of the early morning, I overheard the next room's baby cries.

The baby had always been crying; I wondered why out of concern. It sounded to be in much discomfort and pain.

The nurse came in to check on the bag that was attached to my son's tube. He had been on this ten to twelve hours milk marathon nightly. The nurse will come in to top up the milk whenever the milk finished in the bag.

"I noticed the baby in the next room always crying. Is the baby having some kind of condition?"

The constant baby crying I heard next door during my hospital stay
Nurse replied, "the baby is fasting for seven days. How do I explain this? The baby has a condition medical condition called NEC."

"NEC? Let me Google."

My eyes were shocked as I read the words from Wikipedia.

'Necrotizing enterocolitis ( NEC) is a medical condition where a portion of the bowel dies. It typically occurs in newborns that are either premature or otherwise unwell. Symptoms may include poor feeding, bloating, decreased activity, blood in the stool, or vomiting of bile.'

I turned to the nurse, "This sounds serious."

"It is. Earlier, X-ray was done on the baby. The bowel did not appear to deteriorate further."

I inquired, "how old is the baby?"

"14 days old."

After she finished her duty, she returned to her nursing post while I returned to my thoughts.

Suddenly I have this feeling and thought at the same time.

I will be leaving soon. My singing had always been a comfort to my son.

From tomorrow onwards until the time we discharge from the hospital ...I decided that I will be singing for the mothers and babies of this ward.

From the unexpected feedbacks that I had received, some mothers shared with me that they felt good although my singing was not intended for them.

So much pain here. I cannot take away their pain. I am not someone who have the ability to create such miracles.

All I can do for them would be to sing from my heart and let the melody reached out to those who needed it.

I am not sure whom I would touch with my voice. I sincerely hope that it would not cause unnecessary disturbance. 

I hope that my small gesture can give them a temporary distraction from their suffering, and some Light in spite of everything.

Let my Heart guide me to sing.

God, please guide me to sing for the wounded hearts.

Singing for the mothers and babies of the ward


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