Earthly Angels

29 June 2018

Below was what I had shared to my friends and family members on 29 June 2018:-

Jaundice test result as follows:-

Reduced from 287 ( 19 June 2018) to 229 ( 28 June 2018).

His stools seemed to have a bit more colour. More bile coming out in poo during the one week stay.

Doctors now recommended 12 hours instead of 10 hours of continuous feeding. (with short breaks in between if necessary)

Thank you for your prayers, positive thoughts, positive energies, healing and more. Please continue to do so for him.

This photo reminded  me of the many supportive and was 
taken in December 2012. These hands were mine, where
 I saved a baby bird who dropped down from an unseen nest.
I am very grateful and appreciative.

If only I could talk to Priya's mother, whom she sent me many blessings a few days ago. I had an opportunity to talk to the lady's mother who said I did good and have consideration for others. That I have uplifted her daughter's mood/depression because of worry over her new-born daughter's jaundice ( which went to more than 350). This auntie said that for my good deeds he sent me many blessings to my son to recover.

I also thanked a good friend who prayed in Jesus's name, in God's name for Patrick. She dropped by and gave a long prayer especially asking Jesus to let me feel His Presence since I am sensitive enough to feel energies. Unknown to her, I have experienced Jesus's presence many times before. 

I admitted that I did feel a strong presence in the room once she started praying. I knew it was Him, that sense of familiarity and the openness of my Heart. I usually feel a lot of love emotionally which I knew did not come from me. It's hard to describe that love except that it's not a normal human love. Its more divine essence where you are loved no matter who you are. It was a very good feeling among other sensations.

I feel very thankful, grateful that there are so many who are willing to support Patrick with love, prayers, good thoughts and positivity. It is these experiences which gives me hope and opened my heart further. That goodness and humanity is still prevalent. We may always read and hear more of negativity.

Yet the truly earthly angels are working behind the scenes, unreported in the media. Unknown by society and by many. If we are lucky enough, we shall encounter them. These made them so true and pure in their motivation because their actions are displayed without needing recognition and validation.

Humanity love


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