"You Are The One Who Is Singing!"

27 June 2018

Earlier, I was embarrassed to know that my singing can be heard by others. Usually I would sing to Patrick so that he would feel cheerful and happy.

I met one mother who recently gave birth last Thursday. She met me at the pantry. I was singing and humming a little while washing Patrick's bottle.

"Oh, you are the one who is singing!"

Singing mama
Startled, I turned around. A smiling and friendly looking motherly face greeted me. She introduced herself as Priya.

She shared that she and her husband always hear this singing for the past few days. That the ward was depressing. They felt that it was good the hospital hired a singing entertainer to liven up the atmosphere. She had seen me around wearing normal clothing. She assumed that I was not a nurse but someone who was hired to provide some lighter mood in the ward.

She then noticed Patrick and inquired out of concern after she noted the jaundiced skin. I explained on his condition. I also shared the reason for my singing. It's so that Patrick's quota of happiness and joy were higher than his unhappy experiences in the hospital.

I informed her that I hope by my motivation and action of raising his positive experiences daily, it would outweigh his unhappy experiences and it would have him less scared to be in the hospital. It did work. No longer he cried as much nor reacted as much to the doctors and nurses. 

What was the effect of my daily exercises with Patrick? I noticed that he easily bounce back from unhappiness. Usually within seconds or minutes. Even after tube reinsertion or blood extraction. 

Whenever I am singing to Patrick, I feel as if I am 
like the above photo; this mother and baby in their 
own world, hearts joined in union.
She looked at Patrick now and then while in conversation with me.  Patrick would be listening to us. On occasion, he made his own sound, seemingly eager to join in our conversation. This was the first time I saw him wanting to be included in a conversation with adults. Usually, he would observe the adults.

This new mother observed Patrick has a smiling face which she liked. To her eyes, Patrick is a positive baby.  She shared that she would be discharged soon. She was glad she finally got to meet the the "singing lady" of the ward.

Suddenly, I felt something in my heart. I asked her whether she would mind if I sing to her new-born baby. She smiled and gave me her consent

We went to the location of her bed. Her baby's eyes were closed. I closed my eyes while saying a short prayer. When I felt ready, my eyes opened and my lips parted. I tone a tune and spontaneously sang from my Heart on God's Blessings on the baby and family. On occasion, Patrick sang along to my surprise.

I wondered..should I tone down my singing. I did not realise that my singing can be easily heard although I was singing inside my room. To the new mother, it was pleasant. I hope I did not unknowingly disturb someone's peace. 

All I can say was...oops...if I did....

This is so embarrassing!


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