Before I walked on my spiritual path and journey, I used to have a ‘healthy level of skepticism’ or so I justified to myself. People cannot be too nice to you with no reason. Based on my experiences and of my friends’ sharing, people tend to want something back for being ‘nice’ and ‘kind’ to you. It’s either a favour which you alone can give to him/her, or wanting a friendship that can give him or her emotional support but he or she may not necessarily offer the same in return.

My dad used to share with me that when he was at corporate top management level, he was surrounded by many ‘friends’. His colleagues’ wives would invite my mum to social gatherings. They would always appear very helpful to my parents. That all stopped when my dad quit his job and decided to go into his own business. However, because it was the recession, his business faced problems trying to maintain its overhead costs.

To dad’s disappointment, all except for one of these friends’ disappeared from his life. I heard him share with me bitterly that he did not even think of asking for financial help although he was having financial difficulties. Yet their actions revealed to him who were his real friends during times of hardship. 

I had been betrayed before in a friendship when he could not get what he wanted from me. I had friends who disappeared from my life, only to reappear when they wanted to make a sale in insurance and of other MLM activities they had joined. When I wanted friends to be there for me in emotional support like how I offered for them, I found myself often disappointed. Then I decided to be strong for myself, not asking anything from any friendship except for friendly chatter and as companions for movie outings. 

I do believe people are good in general. However, I always felt I should not be too trusting and naïve. Otherwise I would get cheated, manipulated especially taken advantage of. The media and our family members always cautioned us to be careful of people’s intentions until sometimes we can get paranoid, distrustful and suspicious.

There were moments I had been misunderstood just based upon their flawed observations of me. In my twenties at my first job, there were rumours spread around among my colleagues that I am a ‘playgirl’. I was not aware until one colleague of mine approached me on the Truth of such rumours. 

It shocked me and asked on what basis were these rumours based on? I did not flirt openly as I had seen some female colleagues did so. I did not mention I am on a hunt for men. Neither did I bring different boyfriends’ to the office. It puzzled me on how this came about.

This female colleague explained that this misassumption happened because a few of our peers saw me talking to men colleagues in a friendly manner. I was either having a conversation or sometimes it was because of work that I engaged with my male colleagues. I reflected upon myself - no; I was not being flirtatious. I did not believe in indulging in that too because I had seen how misunderstandings can happen if they only meant the flirtation as a game and nothing more. 

Sometimes all these experiences made me presumed the worst of people for being judgmental, rumour mongering and so forth. Its rare people are truly nice and kind without an agenda. 

I found myself years later my entire perception changed because of my spiritual awakening. Not only did my mindset change because of questioning my belief systems, prejudices and preferences, my emotional expression, my creativity had changed so much. My previous ideas of Humanity as mentioned above have changed. I felt it was because I took meditation seriously as a way to destress myself. I went on a period of self reflection. I made peace more and more with my life experiences especially on my traumas. I could see my unresolved life issues limit me in expression and perception. I came to realise I had misunderstood others’ good intentions towards me. It was not an easy journey of self awakening, self-discovery and self healing. Yet without these, I could not be strong, resilient and have the love to carry on my journey with Patrick. I had written my memoirs this year and got it self-published on this part of my journey.

Surprisingly, it was after the spiritual awakening journey I came to realise the best of Humanity. The kindness, the empathy, especially the purity of love displayed towards me. Initially, I reacted with skepticism, disbelief and wondered does he or she wants something from me. 

I had to tell myself each time, don’t be prejudice and judgmental. Just observe. When I did, I usually ended up pleasantly surprised. 

I had written on my one month hospital stay with Patrick in earlier articles. I highlighted I met among the best of Humanity in the ward. There was one kind person I met during my stay. Not because she was a patient. She was a seller of Ketocreme MCT powder. These products carried fats to be added upon the normal formula milk of Anmum Infacare

The doctor originally advised us to get MCT oil to be added inside the normal formula milk. However, most of the oil floated on top of the milk and did not manage to be consumed fully by my son. My husband based upon his research discovered an alternative - an MCT powder which can be fully dissolved in water, and hence by the formula milk. The doctor suggested Patrick to be on a diet of alternate special formula milk and normal formula milk with added MCT powder.

Ketocreme MCT powder product
In early July 2018, I received a mobile text notification from Poslaju that the Ketocreme items ordered were to be collected from a postal box in the university. Should I not collect it within the period stipulated, the postmen would return them to sender. I could not understand why the items are not delivered to the hospital although it gave the hospital address. July was the time when Patrick had to be hospitalised as he was not gaining weight, and I stayed at the hospital with him for about a month. It was my husband who made arrangements for they to deliver the MCT powder to me at the hospital. I could not leave the hospital then. My husband was away from Kuala Lumpur for work. My parents stayed too far from the hospital and I don’t wish to inconvenience them.

I could take my son to the postal box and collect the said items by taxi. However, I would have to bring him in a stroller. And it‘s not just a stroller. It‘s a car seat placed on top of the stroller. So, it is a big thing to be placed inside the taxi. I could not leave my son in the hospital while I go and collect the item too. Because he would cry non-stop when he noticed I am not around. So, I was in a dilemma. 

I approached the seller of Ketocreme. Her name is Veronica. I shared of my situation. During our conversation, I could tell Veronica wanted to find out was I being a difficult customer. It was during our conversation she came to realise her products were being used for a baby. Once she could see the urgency of Patrick needing the MCT powder it was finishing in the hospital ), she met me in the hospital by giving me one kg of Ketocreme and one bag of apples. My husband ordered lesser in volume. 

She insisted that I should get more. I told her I may not have enough cash with me. She told me not to worry and to keep the cash for myself in case of contingencies. That she would liaise with my husband. She may even consider giving this away as a gift for my son. It shocked me. I told her, no no... must pay you. I am uncertain how this ended because my husband continue to liaise with her to purchase her products. 

She then gave me encouragement to stay strong for my son. That she would pray for us. Her action especially the extra miles she went for we very touched me. It was really unnecessary. I could have just waited for it to expire the storage period at the Poslaju storage place. And then called Poslaju to re-sent directly to the hospital. That was the advice given by the customer service. 

It was not just business for her, which touched me greatly.  My husband shared with me that she would inquire on our son now and then. 

For those who are interested to purchase Ketocreme products or of other products she offers, I recommend checking her online shop.

Veronica, thank you for supporting my son. 

This represented Veronica supporting my baby then


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